Chimney Cleaning Keeps Your Home and Fireplace Safe

Your chimney and stainless steel liner require routine cleaning & maintenance to keep them running properly and to keep you and your family safe.  AES Hearth & Patio upholds all safety compliance codes set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA.)

We strongly encourage routine maintenance to be scheduled in the spring and summer months, and offer discounted rates at that time.  Backlogs for routine maintenance services can be 6-8 weeks during the winter months.

We want to educate new customers who inquire about or request a chimney cleaning that we require a level 2 chimney inspection to be performed first to determine the condition of the chimney.   A level 2 inspection provides an in-depth analysis of the condition of the chimney, which may reveal hidden hazards, making the chimney unsafe to use.  Our Certified Chimney Professionals perform these inspections with a video scanner, examining internal joints for voids or cracks.  When we gain a new customer, we take seriously that if we begin to service your unit or chimney, it must first be safety compliant.  If it is not, we must bring your chimney or current unit installation up to code before we continue with any other service.   The cost of chimney inspections are $189, and a cleaning is $199.  If your chimney passes inspection, then we can proceed with a chimney cleaning, and will deduct $89 from the inspection, and your total cost is then $299.  If the chimney does not pass inspection, the cost is $189, and we will provide an estimate for lining the chimney to create a safe burning environment for you and your family.

Once everything passes inspection and meets code, we can then sweep your chimney year after year, at the standard rate.  ($199.)  Or, a discounted rate if you schedule in the spring or summer months.  This includes a level 1 visual inspection as a part of that service.

Because we are a full-service fireplace and hearth retailer we understand the intricacies and requirments of each unit that we install and service, insuring that all installs meet required safety codes. We have developed our expertise through years of installing and servicing our customers’ hearths, and we take care of your home as if it were our own.

How We Can Help You

  • Chimney sweeping and cleaning
  • Inspection (including video scanning)
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Waterproofing and leak resolution
  • Fireplace installation, repairs, restoration
  • Firebox, smoke chamber purging
  • Damper replacement
  • Crown and caps
  • Brickwork tuckpointing
  • Flue re-lining
  • Class A chimney installation
  • Power cleaning
  • Crown Rubberization
  • Wood and gas stove inspection, cleaning, and repair
  • Sales of stoves, fireplaces, and custom fireplace doors.

Chimney cleaning service area includes Carlisle, Shippensburg, Chambersburg, Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, and nearby communities in Central PA