AES Delivery:

Delivery rates apply. If you purchase online we will contact you about fees. You can check the distance to your delivery destination by clicking our location link and using the directions feature to come up with your distance from either of our stores in Camp Hill or Newville.*  Please call either of our store locations for current delivery prices.

*AES Pellet delivery range up to 40 miles. Bulk pellets are delivered via Kingdom Bio Fuel and are subject to a different delivery range.

BULK Delivery:

Kingdom Biofuel Home-Delivered BULK Wood Pellets  (loose pellets, no bags.)

Home Delivered Pellets is the wave of the future and the most convenient way to get pellets to your home. It works just like the delivery of old traditional fuels: The truck pulls up and the delivery man delivers the pellets to the location in your home where you set up your pellet storage system.

No more breaking down pallets, and no more heavy bags to move!

  • $110 Delivery
  • $3 per mile over 20 miles from either store
  • 1 Ton Minimum 6 Ton Maximum delivery
  • 1 Ton Storage Sack $30 each – Reusable

Call Newville 717-486-7690 or Camp Hill



BAGGED PELLETS:  Delivery Available (fee):

Energex Premium Wood Pellets 1 ton Bagged

Energex Residential Pellets exceed the Pellet Fuel Institute’s premium grade standard.



 Hamer’s Hot Ones 1 ton Bagged

Hamer’s Hot Ones Premium Hardwood Pellets, made from clean sawdust.



O’Malley Premium Wood Pellets Bagged. 1 ton in 40 pound bags

100% hardwood pellets are some of the best on the market, delivering extremely high BTU’s and a low ash content



Kingdom Biofuel  Wood Pellets 1 ton Bagged

High quality, premium grade pellet fuel