AES HearthplaceIn 1997 Rick Soccio and his wife Monica, both in their twenties, bought an 18th century brick house in the village of Huntsdale in south central Pennsylvania. When the first winter came, they found that the house was very hard to heat and began thinking of a new heating system.

Trained in HVAC, Rick had become aware of alternative energy heating sources such as wood, coal, wood pellets and gas. The fact that wood and pellet products are a renewable energy source appealed to Rick, and he began to shop for a supplemental heating appliance.

He soon found what he was looking for in a local home-based business in Carlisle called AES Heating (Alternative Energy Systems) owned by Leo Goodman.  In the process of buying a Franco Belge oil stove, Rick discovered that the entire business was also for sale, and visualized a hearth shop specializing in alternative fuels while providing heat for families in his neighborhood and surrounding areas.

In 1998 the business was purchased and renamed AES Hearthplace.  Rick opened a showroom in half of his house, and became a certified installer and service provider.  Before long he was adding more employees as well as products and services.  In three years the business was large enough to move out of the house into a 3500 square foot showroom at 1743 Pine Road,Newville (still in Huntsdale) enabling AES to present the largest number of burn models in the area, with all forms of alternative energy from all the major manufacturers.  In order to grow in expertise and services of chimneys, AES purchased Blue Sky Chimney Service, owned by Terry Gilbert in the Chambersburg area.  The employees became Alternative Energy Specialists, and the sales and service area began to rapidly grow.

In 2010 AES acquired Killian’s Fireplace Shoppe in Camp Hill, located at 4303 Carlisle Pike, and also purchased the inventory of L&S Fireplace, located on Gateway Avenue in Chambersburg.  (AES closed this store in 2012, but continues to serve the Chambersburg area.)   The showroom in Camp Hill features several custom stone and brick hearth fireplace designs, and is set for an exciting remodel and expansion, with an expected completion in the spring of 2019.

AES’s hearth professionals listen to the needs and wants of each person, and offer expert advice for each situation.  AES specializes in custom hearth design of all kinds, for both indoor and outdoor applications, as AES has expanded into outdoor living products.   AES carries grills, grill accessories, firepits, outdoor furniture, and Sunair retractable awnings.

Because AES Hearthplace became so much more than a stove and fireplace shop, the company was renamed AES Hearth & Patio.  Stop in to say hello, or talk to the professionals about your heating or patio needs.  Each and every person who walks through the door is an important visitor to AES Hearth & Patio.