Now offering up to 6 months of interest-free financing

Now offering up to 6 months of interest-free financing





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Do you take trade-ins?

No, however AES can remove and dispose of an old appliance when a new one is purchased.

I didn’t use my fireplace much this year. Do I need to have it serviced?

Manufacturers recommend professional service on a yearly basis to have the unit cleaned and checked over for safety and to make sure it is operating efficiently.  Annual service is also necessary for warranty qualification purposes.

Will you service my stove if I didn’t buy it from you?

If it is a brand of stove that we do not carry, no. If it is one of our brands, then yes, if the installation meets code.  Our technicians are professionally trained in all the manufacturers that we sell, and are the experts in those brands. We stock a variety of parts for our brands, or are able to order them in. If you have a unit that is one of our brands but we did not install it, we first must inspect it to make sure the unit installation meets code before we do any services on it, thus taking on the liability of that unit and service, and any future services.  Some unit installations do not have proper clearance to combustibles, proper venting configurations, or other potential safety issues that must be addressed before we service the unit. We then will provide an estimate that details what is required to bring the installation up to code, and after the safety requirements are met we can service your appliance from then on.   When we perform an installation of a unit that brings fire into people’s homes, we take regulations very seriously.  Our installers adhere to all manufacturer and chimney liner guidelines, as well as codes set by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency.)

I just bought a house that has a chimney. Will you clean it?

Absolutely, but only after a video inspection.  It is important to first know the condition of the chimney, which cannot be determined in a cleaning.  Many chimneys have cracks, voids, and other issues that can only be seen with a chimney scan video camera.  We require a level 2 chimney inspection before your first cleaning with AES to determine the condition and safety value of the chimney, according to NFPA-211 guidelines.  If the chimney passes inspection, we will then clean it the same day, and reduce the cost of the cleaning.  If it does not pass, we will then provide an estimate for repair, or for a liner if necessary.  After we make your chimney compliant with safety codes, we can then clean it annually.  Many of our customers enjoy reduced pricing by taking advantage of our spring cleaning prices year after year during the spring and summer months.  For more information on nation fireplaces and chimney codes visit: FIREPLACE CODES

Do you sell vent-free stoves/fireplaces?

No, all of our gas stoves and fireplaces are vented.  When gas is burned in a vent-less appliance, it emits by-products back into your home, often causing windows to steam up and worse, causes respiratory irritation for many.  These fumes are better left out of the home, and not in your breathing space. We also do not service vent-free products. We recommend replacing them with a new vented or electric fireplace.

Can I have someone come to my house to discuss what I would like, and what it will cost?

Yes, however we first want to listen to your heating needs and wants, and from there we can provide expert design and/or a heating recommendation.  We can then provide a quote that will be a close estimate, and if you are wanting to move forward, we then come to your house to take measurements and pictures to help us narrow down the estimate by determining the final details that would be needed to complete the job.

Do you sell/install gas tanks?

No.  We run the gas line from the propane tank to your unit.  We also can tie into an existing gas line.  To install a gas line, we charge approximately $10 a foot plus labor.  Normally for quoting purposes for a new unit, we figure the price for 25 feet. We leave gas tank installations to the propane companies.

Does your staff do the installation, or do you hire outside contractors?

Our installers and service technicians at AES are factory-trained and certified to perform the installation.  We do hire specific electricians, masons, and contractors that we regularly work with, or will coordinate with a professional of your choice if you prefer.

What is your return policy?

On all special orders, all sales are final, and non-returnable.  All other orders have a 30 day return policy.  Electronics are also non-returnable.  If a product was part of a fireplace job or if you cancel a job after we have ordered the product, a 25% restocking fee will be applied.

If I buy a new grill, can you deliver it?

Yes, we charge $60 for a basic delivery to your driveway or garage. For any additional work requiring two people would be an additional cost.  Old grill removal, add $25.

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