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Now offering up to 6 months of interest-free financing




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Why Heat with Wood?

Nothing heats like wood. Wood fireplaces warm the coldest days, brighten the darkest nights and fill your home with the gently, radiant heat only wood can produce. With styles and installation choices for every room in your home, fire helps you declare yourself free from high heating bills.

Wood heat is good heat!

All wood fireplaces manufactured are certified by the EPA and are designed to emit only a fraction of the smoke that older, non-certified stoves produced. Burning wood omits no more carbon dioxide into the environment then would normally be produced from the same wood if left to decay in the forest. You can feel confident to know that burning wood is truly Carbon Neutral to the environment and a responsible and sustainable way to heat your home.

Energy Independence

The expense of heating your home with oil, gas or electricity just keeps going up. Radiant and convective wood stoves give you even, penetrating heat that comfortably warms every room in your home for a fraction of what you’d pay for standard utilities.

Care for the environment

Did you know an old, inefficient wood fireplace can generate as much as three pounds of pollutants into the air each day? New wood fireplaces are E.P.A certified and emit as little as 1.9 grams of particulates per hour, thus reducing pollutants by over 95 percent. By using a new fireplace, you’re keeping the air in your neighborhood clean and breathable. And because wood is a renewable resource, fireplaces are so efficient they use substantially less wood than other stoves to get the same amount of heat output. Wood fireplaces have the option of adding an Outside Air Kit, which allows the stove to pull combustion air from outside rather than from inside the home. This prevents the stove from pulling in and removing the already heated room air for combustion and protects your indoor air quality.

No power? No problem!

Wood fireplaces provide reliable heat even during power outages and don’t need blowers to operate. So you’ll be warm and cozy no matter what’s going on outside. Many models have cooking surfaces so you can warm soup or cider or fry bacon and eggs for breakfast.
A warmth like no other
Wood heat soothes and radiates and nothing does it better than a wood stove. Most stoves give off radiant heat that only warms objects within the room. A five-sided convection chamber system circulates air around the stove and then pushes the warm air through the room to other areas of your home. It’s a difference you can feel.

Turn your old inefficient fireplace into a great heat source

An open fireplace sends up to 80 percent of the fire’s heat up the chimney and depletes warm air from surrounding rooms. A fireplace insert is more than five times as efficient as an open fireplace and features a built-in convection chamber to circulate and distribute warm air throughout the home. You can convert your wasteful masonry or metal fireplace into a super-efficient hearth system that can heat your entire home for a fraction of what you’d pay for gas, electricity or oil.

Use zone heating to save on your heating bill

Installing a wood fireplace into your inefficient fireplace is a great way to incorporate a beautiful heating appliance into your home. Typically the fireplace is located in the heart of your home, so adding an insert is ideal for heating the area of the home you use the most. The term for heating your living area, rather than the entire home is called Zone Heating”. By using the optional convection fan, you can quickly heat your entire home, use your insert to heat where you need it most. Studies indicate that zone heating can provide energy savings of 20 – 40 percent.


Power outages can last for days. A wood burning fireplace keeps you warm and se;f sufficient while your neighbors are in the dark. The extended hearth models offer you a great radiant cook-top surface that allows you to cook and warm food or beverages.

Styles for every home

There are a wide range of sizes and options to fit your heating needs and living environment. You can mount your fireplace or insert flush to the hearth or extend it for extra radiant heating. Blowers are available for enhanced heat flow and you can pick your own doors, etched glass options and even different paint finishes. Finish your insert with the panel set that is used to cover the outside opening of the fireplace or cut it down for a cleaner looking inside fit. As your professional hearth dealer for details.

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