Fireplace inserts give new life to old fireplaces by installing new metal components into existing masonry. They are a beautiful addition to your home and create a pleasant atmosphere for your family to gather around. They also increase the value of your home, save you money on your heating bill, and are an environmentally friendly way to heat your house.

Wood Fireplace Inserts

Wood fireplace inserts provide brightness and warmth to your family space. New wood fireplace inserts emit fewer pollutants than older, less efficient models, keeping your family and the environment safe. Wood heating is also carbon neutral, as it does not emit more carbon than it would if the wood were to decay naturally. Wood, one of America’s traditional heat sources, warms a room gently and fully. Inserts come in a variety of styles to match any interior design taste.

Pellet Fireplace Inserts

Pellet fireplace inserts burn natural byproducts, like sawdust or dried cherry pits, which have been processed into pellets. Pellets are an environmentally sustainable option because they use a product that would otherwise be discarded. Pellets are often cheaper than wood fireplace inserts as well. Pellet fireplaces come in a variety of designs and are equally efficient.

Energy Saving Fireplace Inserts

There’s no sense in heating your whole house when you and your family are only going to be enjoying one room. Fireplace inserts address this need by only heating one space. Fireplace inserts use zone heating, which saves 20 to 40 percent of energy. They are also more efficient than traditional fireplaces, which send most of the heat up the chimney instead of throughout the room.

Picking the Right Fireplace Insert

We have a wide array of each variety of fireplace inserts to choose from. To decide which kind is right for you, consider your fuel preference, which style best suits your home, and your efficiency needs. We are happy to speak with you about which option will work best for you!