DSC_1516 copyHome Delivered Pellets is the wave of the future and the most convenient way to get pellets to your home. It works just like the delivery of old traditional fuels: The truck pulls up and the delivery man delivers the pellets to the location in your home where you set up your pellet storage system.

No more breaking down pallets, and no more heavy bags to move!

Call Newville 717-486-7690 or Camp Hill 717-761-1617 if you have any questions before ordering. We will contact you for pricing of delivery and storage sacks.


Kingdom Biofuel Loose By The Ton


COMING SOON… Early Bird Pricing Expected by April 22, 2019


(1 Ton Minimum 6 Ton Maximum delivery)

  • $110 Delivery¬†
  • $3 per mile over 20 miles from either store
  • 1 Ton Storage Sack $30 each – Reusable.
  • Other Storage Bins with Fill Kits Available
  • CURRENTLY: Booking November Deliveries
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