Reviews: Harman XXV Pellet Stove

Year after year the Harman XXV Pellet stove continues to be a popular appliance with AES AES Heath and Patio customers.  We happen to agree, but I guess you figured we would.  If you own a Harman XXV yourself, here’s your chance to help other folks out who are looking to purchase a new stove.  How long have you owned the stove?  Would you buy it again?  Have you recommended it to friends?  Do you think it lives up to Harman’s claims?

Here’s what Harman has to say about the product.  Write a comment and let us know what you think and help others make a good decision.  Thanks!

Harman XXV

After over 30 years of building stoves, we think we know what our customers are looking for. The beauty of cast iron. The convenience of pellets. The power of 50,000 BTUs. And our quietest pellet stove ever. The XXV pellet stove was designed for our 25th Anniversary and encompasses everything you expect in a Harman…automatic ignition, venting choices, automatic temperature control, a large ash pan that’s easy to get to, and the convenience of super easy cleaning. The XXV was specially designed to symbolize everything Harman stands for. Quality. Beauty. Functionality. The XXV. Our finest creation yet.

*Now available in Majolica Brown Enamel.

•    Hook and Roller Door Latch
•    ESP Control
•    Automatic Ignition
•    Room Sensor
•    Large Ash Pan
•    Air-Cooled Combustion Blower
•    Harman Quality, Fit, & Finish
•    Accordion Heat Exchanger – provides greater heat exchange surface in less space
•    Quiet Operation
•    Adjustable Feet
•    Ash Removal Pan With Handle
•    Automatic Temperature Control
•    Total Automatic Operation
•    Patented Pellet Pro Feeder
•    Patented Pellet Pro Burn Pot
•    Easy Cleaning
•    Easy Access Controls

•    100% Outside Air (Direct Vent)
•    Top Vent: Gives the wood stove appearance using 6″ pipe
•    Available colors:?Black?Charcoal?Forest Green?Mojave Red?Metallic Blue
BTU Range:  0 to 50,000
Heating Capacity:  1,700+ sq. ft.
Hopper Capacity:  65 lbs
Blower Size:  150 cfm
Flue Size:  3″
Outside Air Size:  2.375″
Fuse Rating:  6 amp
Weight:  375 pounds
Depth:  26.75″
Minimum Floor Protection:  32″ x 32″
Height:  31.25″
Width:  29″
Testing:  OMNI-Test Laboratory – Specifications subject to change with further testing

Clearances and Dimensions
Rear:  2.25″ to wall
Side:  12″ to wall
Front:  36″ to combustibles

Click Here for Harman Website and More Pictures, Brochures, Warranty Information for the Harman XXV