Wood Brick Recycled Fuel
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AES Hearth & Patio offers wood brick fuel produced from kiln dried wood waste from U.S Recycled Wood Products. U.S. Recycled Wood Products wood brick fuel burns hotter, cleaner, and longer than the equivalent amount of firewood without using any additional binders or accelerants.

No special burning appliance is required. Wood bricks can be used wherever typical cordwood, firewood is burned. Wood bricks are produced by submitting dry wood waste particles to extreme compression forces, using the natural lining chemicals of the wood as the binding agent creating a wood product denser than typical wood.

It is made from recycled wood waste generated by American Wood Products Manufacturers. Customers can be satisfied in using a Domestically Manufactured, Recycled Fuel for home heating that is considered carbon neutral.

Why not a log shape? Wood bricks rectangular “brick” shape provides multiple advantages to the end consumer. The unique manufacturing process allows greater forces to be applied producing a greater density of approximately 62lb/ft3. The rectangular shape provides more efficient loading of wood stoves. More material can be stored in less space. A 4ft wide x 4 ft long x 3ft high pallet can supply as much or more heat than a full 4ft x 4ft x 8ft cord of firewood. Wood Bricks retain there rectangular shape for the majority of the burn time and do not have the tendency to roll around like competing round products.

Wood Brick Fuel provides a convenient firewood alternative for the customer who enjoys the warmth and atmosphere of a real wood fire. Whether you like to use your fireplace occasionally, or a few times of the week, you can rest assure wood bricks will consistently light, burn warm and clean.

Through its convenient packaging, it can easily be stored cleanly in a closet, garage, or basement with no worries of bringing bugs into the home. Also no virgin timber was used in the production of wood bricks, only recyclable wood waste from manufacturers in the USA.