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About Pellet Heating

Pellet stoves offer a dramatic improvement in the convenience of heating with solid fuel. Wood pellets are handled in bags and are therefore easily and cleanly stored. A single loading of a pellet stove can provide long hours of warmth.

Pellet stoves also provide a special comfort associated with wood burning. The combination of fans delivering warm air currents and the direct comfort of radiant heat provides special satisfaction on a cold winter day. The heat provided is even and constant, due to the auto fuel feed responding to owner settings.

Pellet stoves also offer strong environment benefits; pellets not only reduce dependence on finite supplies of fossil fuels like oil and gas, but they also put to good use materials that would otherwise unnecessarily and expensively add to our waste disposal problems.

In addition, pellet stoves burn very cleanly and offer the lowest emissions of unwanted pollutants of all solid fuel burning appliances.

Top 10 reasons for buying a pellet stove:

  • Fuel is relatively cheap, easy to handle and store
  • Installation is relatively inexpensive and flexible
  • Can be thermostatically controlled
  • Can run for long hours without the need to refuel
  • Heat output is steady because fuel feed is regulated
  • Provides powerful convection heat
  • Has the lowest emissions of all solid fuels
  • Reduces our dependence on fossil fuels
  • Pellets are renewable fuel
  • Wood pellets are made of 100% residual matter (saw dust). This creates added-value from waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill.