The Killington DVI-HT Gas Insert

*A quick note on the differences between gas inserts and gas fireplaces.  An insert is placed into an existing masonry fireplace.  A gas fireplace is framed and installed directly in a wall or bump-out.


The Killington Gas Insert is a unit with a traditional look using modern technology.

A Direct Vent gas insert, the Killington has a double heat exchanger which helps retain heat from traveling up the chimney, increasing efficiency. The flame on the Killington is fully adjustable (via remote) for a high flame and high heat output or for a lower ambient flame and heat output.  The fan on the Killington is also adjustable.  At a preset temperature the fan comes on and then the consumer may choose the fan speed.  In an area with a high rate of power outages, the Killington has an option for a milli-volt ignition system.  This system requires no electricity for initial start up, but instead draws on energy created by the standing pilot.  This minuscule amount of energy is used to light the flame on the unit to provide heat during an outage.

The Killington can be ordered in either Natural Gas or Propane.  Heating an area of approximately 1500 sq. ft. the Killington has a BTU rating of  13,000-32,000

This insert has 3 color options; Blue-Black Enamel, Brown Enamel, and Matte Black.  There is also the option of having a wall switch, three way thermostat switch, or a programmable remote control.  If the glare of glass detracts from the beauty of the flame, consumers may choose to purchase the fire-screen kit which will help make the glass fade out so it would appear to be an open flame.


blueblack matteblack-2 brown

For questions on pricing and ordering of the Killington or any of our units please call either of our locations.

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Enerzone: Eurostar

enerzone small
Eurostar shown with creme side panels and black door trim.

A compact heating machine, the Eurostar from Enerzone can heat up to 2400 sq. feet and maxes out at 50,000 BTU’s.  The Eurostar features a modern/ contemporary look that, instead of being a sharp geometric cube, is softened by rounded edges and corners.  The unit’s appearance can be customized with the choice of colored side panels (red, creme, or black) as well as the choice of door trim (brushed nickel, or cast iron black).

The Eurostar features a user friendly LCD control panel that slides from behind the unit to the side and allows the consumer to control how their unit will run.  This panel also has a diagnostic tool for troubleshooting minor issues.

Maintenance of the unit is quick and easy with simple to remove panels that allow consumers to vacuum out any ash build-up that may be present.  The ample ash pan is large without being cumbersome to empty and is easy to access.  The Eurostar has a 70lb. hopper making trips with bags of pellets less frequent.


EPA certified and qualifying for a $300 Bio-Fuel Tax credit, this unit is easy on the wallet, the eyes, and the environment.

Through the month of August consumers can take $250 off of the retail price on a Eurostar or a Euromax pellet stove.

Aug enerzone
*Expires August 31st. 2013




enerzone full
Eurostar shown with creme side panels and black door trim.



The New SimpliFire™Electric Series

The New SimpliFire™Electric Fireplace

The new SimpliFire™ series  changes the way you look at electric fireplaces.  Pictured is the new linear wall mount unit. (It should be noted that they also have a line of cabinet units.)

This innovative unit has a sleek modern look with a broad, rectangular, glass frame.  With its’ multitude of lighting options this unit can be placed in almost any space as long as there is access to electricity.  The wall mount does not need vented and as such is 100% heat efficient.

The linear wall mount comes in two width (58″ and 36″), has two flame color options (orange or blue), and has two front options (black or white glass).  On top of that you can choose between 14 different colors (on the 58″ model) to get that perfect ambiance you’re looking for.  Remotes come standard on both models and allow the user to decide if they want heat and flame or just the flame.

Thanks to this unit’s innovative LED technology, while the flame is running the unit costs 1 to 3 cents per hour on average.  With flame and heat engaged this unit will use between 7 to 10 cents per hour on average.  With a BTU output of 4,800.

For more images and a video of this unit please refer to this link.

For more information or questions about ordering this unit please call either of our locations.

Camp Hill-

Wood Stove Annual Maintenance

Now that its warming up,  it’s time to have your wood stove and chimney thoroughly inspected.  Most stoves have several things in common that must be taken care of.  Here are some things AES Hearthplace checks for:

1.  Clean the stove thoroughly.  It’s a messy job, but we have the tools to handle it.

2.  Worn GasketingAES can replace worn-out gasketing.  Gaskets make the door airtight, enhancing the performance of your wood stove  If you stove has a worn-out gasket or one that has come loose, the stove can get more combustion air than it was designed to handle.  Your stove won’t burn as clean and you’ll use more fuel.

3.  Does the door shut securely?  It may need adjustment.

4.   Draft ControlsAES can make sure the draft controls are operating properly.  Creosote will clog the controls making them difficult to move or to get a good seal.

5.  The Damper.  AES will make sure it’s functioning properly.

6.  Cracks.  If you have a cast-iron stove, check for cracks in and between the castings.  If you find some, we can probably repair them.

7.  Thin spots.  If you have a steel stove, you can check for thin spots by pressing firmly with the palm of your hand on any area that appears burned.  If it’s thinning it will flex.  If you discover a thin spot, its time to buy a new stove.

8.  Rust.  If you find rust, its possible to clean the rust off and repaint the stove, but you may as well look for a new stove.

9.  Catalytic UnitAES can remove and clean the catalytic unit.  This should be done every year to prevent it from plugging allow it to function efficiently.

10.  Cleaning the Glass Doors.  New stoves have an “air wash system” that keeps the glass doors cleaner longer.  For older stoves, or when you need to clean your glass doors, there are many great glass door cleaners on the market that will get rid of smoke stains and creosote from the glass. Just make sure the glass is cool before you clean or it may break.

11.  Important for Wood stove Inserts – AES will check the insulation on the surrounds, these are the plates that seal the area between the outside of the insert and the face of the fireplace.  If this insulation is worn, AES will replace it.

How to Purchase a Wood stove That’s Right for You

Wood prices are stable and are unaffected by oil market swings and national economic trends.  It’s an abundant renewable resource which can be obtained locally.  Burning wood reduces our dependence on foreign oil and protects you from wild swings in the energy market.  If energy independence interests you, than you should be serious about heating with wood.

When shopping for a stove take these questions into consideration:

1.  Figure the square footage of the area you want to heat and talk with us about a stove that will heat that area.

2.  Note the space configuration of the area to be heated.  Is it fairly open?  Or are there several walls and doorways?  If the area isn’t relatively open, you may need to purchase some fans to help circulate the heated air.  If your home has a central ventilation system, just turn the fan on, and the heat from your wood stove will circulate nicely.

3.  If there is an existing chimney, we have certified chimney inspectors that can determine if its the proper size for the stove you are considering.

4.  If there’s no existing chimney, our certified chimney installers can show you how to install a pre-fab chimney without damaging or adversely affecting the character of your home.

5.  Will the heat output be satisfactory for you?  You don’t want to overpower the room.  So talk with AES, invite us to your house to make sure the stove you like will provide the comfortable heat output you desire.

6.  Will the firebox accommodate the size of logs you will use?

7.  Match the style of the wood stove with the decor of your room.  Today’s wood stoves offer many options and finishes to suit your needs.

You’ll be satisfied with your choice of wood stoves if you give these points careful consideration.