Poly Furniture Details…

The weather has finally brought spring flowers and warmer temperatures, and for me, the desire to be outside!  If you enjoy sitting down and relaxing or entertaining outdoors, then you need to hear about our Leisure Line Collection of outdoor poly furniture.

What makes our poly furniture different

Poly Furniture seems to have taken the market by storm, and you may see colorful Adirondack style chairs popping up at local markets along the road.  We too have a display outside and inside of our two showrooms, but what we carry is NOT the same product that others may have.  Let me tell you a bit about what makes Leisure Line different.


The actual poly material that is used for our furniture is not cheap like some others use, but is of the highest density and quality, and with the highest substance of UV fade resistance, designed for very minimal fade.  Instead of being made generically, it is manufactured locally (New Holland) by the Amish.  This heavy-duty poly is about as maintenance-free as you can get.  To keep it looking its best, simply wipe off any dirt that accumulates with a spray bottle of soap and water.  The hardware is also heavy duty and comes with a 5 year warranty.  (Heavier guests or rambunctious kids, no problem!)


Not only is the furniture well-made, but it sure is comfortable!  Cushions are not even needed, due to the contour and design.  One of my favorite products is the glider; with the smooth motion and perfect contour.  The rockers, fan backs (Adirondacks) and all types of seating are made with care to be as comfortable as possible.

Try before you buy

Please stop in one of the stores to try them out! We also have some older customers comment on how much they like the balcony chairs because they are easy to get in and out of, due to their perfect height.  There really is something for everyone, including tables of various sizes and styles, if you want the advantages of poly for your outdoor dining as well.  If what you want is not in stock or the color you want, we can order it.  Chose one color, or any two-toned color combination you like.  Neutrals are always popular, or bright and bold can be fun too.  (There is a slight upcharge with the colors red, lime, purple and orange, which are considered custom colors.)

On Sale

If you are just beginning to shop around, consider that our product is not apples to apples with some other places that have furniture that may be cheaper.  It will likely be cheaper in quality as well.  Our furniture is currently 10% off until April 30th.  Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and a new rocker, glider, swing, or dining set could be the perfect gift for her to enjoy year after year.  Please stop by our showroom to see and experience the furniture first-hand.  We think you’ll like it as much as we do!

Learn More

Click here for more on outdoor poly furniture. Imagine your furniture with a new outdoor fireplace!