Now offering up to 6 months of interest-free financing

Now offering up to 6 months of interest-free financing

AES Hearth & Patio specializes in custom hearth design of all kinds, for both indoor and outdoor living applications. What makes AES the Specialty Hearth Shop of Choice in south central Pennsylvania? AES’s hearth and patio professionals are solution providers, and will be with you each step of the way from custom project design, to installation and service. Your purchase is a system, whether it is a fireplace, fire pit, stove or furnace. AES ensures that the system, while visually appealing to provide comfort, also works properly, safely and meets the customer’s satisfaction.


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AES Hearth & Patio firmly believes in enabling the customer to have the freedom to choose the right product that suits their needs at their particular stage of life. So whether it’s a wood pellet stove for a new starter home and young family beginning their journey – to a larger home and growing family that has the desire for an outdoor kitchen arrangement – or for those who just want to enjoy the comfort and simplicity of a gas stove in winter, then AES is your choice to trust at every stage.


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The perfect holiday spot: Decorating your mantel for the winter season

It’s that time of year again: holiday decorating. Your mantel is no exception; it’s the perfect spot to create a beautiful scene and bring the whole room together. We have some ideas for you to consider this year to add something new and joyous into this season....

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Prepare for Cooler Weather: A checklist for making sure your fireplace or stove is ready

The pumpkins are out, the corn is being collected, and the nights (and some days) are getting cooler. It’s time to think of the perfect fire weather – and making sure your fireplaces & inserts or stoves are ready for the season. We have a checklist of six areas...

3 Simple Ways to Transform Your Backyard

Are you looking to turn your bland backyard into a beautiful oasis? No matter what state your backyard is in right now, there are ways you can change it to so it becomes the best space in your home. What do you need to do? Check out this guide to discover how to pull...

Pellet Stove vs Gas Stove for Heating Your Home

When you live in a cold area, a gas or pellet stove can be a great investment. Both types of stoves can provide economical heat that will reduce the cost of keeping your home warm, and they can also act as an alternative source of heat if the power goes out. If you...

5 Crucial Tips for Buying Patio Furniture

It's a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the sky is clear. Unfortunately, you can't enjoy it because you have no outdoor furniture. You've always wanted to buy some, but aren't sure where to start or what to look for. Use this guide to...

Fire Pit Design Ideas That’ll Transform Your Outdoor Space

Nothing's better on a summer night than roasting s' mores beside your very own backyard fire pit. Still, creating your ideal outdoor space can seem daunting. That is, unless you have a clear vision of your ideal space beforehand. If you're ready to create the outdoor...

No More Glare: 3 Major Benefits of Having a Solar Screen

According to national lab studies, about 30% of energy is lost through one's windows. Window attachments must fit securely and provide consistent protection to appeal to homeowners. If you're wondering, what are solar screens? Why buy a window solar screen? We have...

Stay Safe at the Fireplace. 7 Essential Safety Tips You Need to Know

Nothing beats toasting your feet by the fire with a cup of cocoa. And while it’s popular during winter, things can go awry if you don’t take the right precautions. For instance, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) reported over 25,000 chimney fires to...
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