The Top Rust Resistant Grills & How To Maintain Them

It is no secret that it is tough to be “the perfect” grill owner when you live where the sun doesn’t shine every single day. Living in the Northeast brings its weather challenges, and even the most beautiful summer day can turn into a huge rain and thunder storm in an instant.

Even though it takes an extra 25 seconds…putting that grill cover back on is not always top of mind. Rusting of any grill is not uncommon, depending on how much use, temperatures, weather, and how it’s stored. You need to know which grill will last the longest, and has a lower chance of rusting over the years, and we have the top three recommendations for you:


This grill is big and beautiful, without taking up all of your outdoor space. The stainless steel body resists rust and other corrosion. The body of this grill isn’t the only part that will stand the test of time! The Stainless Steel WAVE Rod Cooking Grids retain heat for long periods of time providing even heating while grilling.

Cleaning the outside of your Napoleon Grill is easy. It is recommended to clean your stainless-steel BBQ for both aesthetic reasons and to make sure that your grill continues to resist corrosion as intended. Warm water and mild dish soap will easily wash your grill off. Use a soft, clean, cloth to gently wipe any grease and food spatter from your grill. Dry the grill, following the grain, with a soft cloth. When the grill is clean and dry, polish in the direction of the grain with stainless steel polish/protector. The more you use your grill, the more often it will need to be cleaned.

According to Napoleon, cleaning the interior of a grill is a little more intense. After taking the food you just cooked off the grill, crank it up to high for about five minutes, then use a grill brush to remove loose debris from the cooking grids and warming rack. This should be done after every grilling session. Alternately, you can preheat the grill to as hot as you can and brush the grids then, however, this leaves possibly corrosive food debris, like sauces and rubs, on the grids until the next time you grill. You will also have to wait for the grill to cool down if you are cooking something that requires a lower temperature.


If you have some extra time outside to cook your meal, the Big Green Egg is the way to go! Considered one of the premier grills on the market, this grill will wow your senses! It’s hardly rocket science. The better you look after your Big Green Egg, the longer it will last and the longer it will keep looking good. The question is how.

According to the manufacturer, “If you are using your Big Green Egg for the very first time, make sure that the dual function metal top is properly seasoned. If you don’t, the metal top could attract dirt. This is how to season it. Heat your EGG to a temperature of 180-200°C and place the dual function metal top on the grid in the EGG. Place the ceramic snuffer cap on your EGG and close the draft door (this will cause the temperature to drop slightly and the charcoal will go out, but this is not a problem). Leave for one hour, after which the cast iron will have changed color. Once the dual function metal top has cooled down, rub on some Crisco or vegetable oil, such as peanut oil. This is what we call seasoning. Bring the temperature back up to 180-200°C. Replace the dual function metal top on the grid and close the EGG with the ceramic snuffer cap. Close the draft door and leave the dual function metal top to season for about an hour while the EGG cools down. Repeat this seasoning process once or twice a year to keep the dual function metal top in good condition.

Another good tip is to replace the cast iron dual function metal top with the ceramic snuffer cap after cooking. This will help to keep the metal top in great condition.”



A wildly popular option on the market today is the well-known Primo brand, and these grills are some of the most versatile BBQ grills on the market that produce some top notch ‘cue. The caring and maintenance of these grills is also fairly simple.

Over time the interior of your grill will blacken with a substance called “creosote”. It is the natural result of using natural lump charcoal and does not need to be removed unless the build-up begins to flake. Also, if you live in an area with high humidity and do not use your grill for an extended period, mold or mildew may develop. In both cases, either can easily be removed because your Primo grill works like a self-cleaning oven:

• Heat deflector plates and heat deflector racks can sit on top of the cooking grates for this procedure. (Do not leave in the default position)
• Heat the grill to +500°F (260°C) for 30 minutes and allow the grill to cool completely.
• Remove the internal components of the grill.
• Use a soft bristle brush to brush the interior of the grill.
• Remove the residue that collects in the bottom of the grill.
• Insert the internal components.
You can rest assured that your Primo Grill will stay in great shape for years to come…and your grilled creations will turn out wonderful each time! A great option for the outdoor elements.



Pellet grills “scare” many people because they do not know how to operate them. But, with Traeger grills, grilling has never been easier—just set it and forget it and let the Traeger work its wood-fired magic. The easiest way to avoid rust with your Traeger grill is to invest in a Traeger Cover. If a Traeger is stored outside during wet weather, water can get into the Pellet Hopper. When pellets get wet, they expand and can clog the auger. Additionally, a Traeger cannot cook with wet wood. If you do not have a cover, take extra care to keep the pellet hopper covered and away from any water. Also, wipe down the grill exterior. To keep that powder coating looking like new, use warm soapy water to cut through any grease. Do not use oven cleaners, abrasive cleaners, or scouring pads on the outside of your grill.

These few simple maintenance measures will ensure that your Traeger grill stays rust-resistant for many years!

Grilling in the Northeast has its challenges when it comes to outside elements, but there are some superior grills that will last you a very long time. The name of the game is to keep the maintenance simple, but consistent. Rust is sometimes inevitable when you live in this type of climate, but it can be extremely delayed so that you can get out there and show off your great grill master skills without worrying about grill decay!

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