No More Glare: 3 Major Benefits of Having a Solar Screen

According to national lab studies, about 30% of energy is lost through one’s windows. Window attachments must fit securely and provide consistent protection to appeal to homeowners. If you’re wondering, what are solar screens? Why buy a window solar screen? We have some good news!

Solar screens aren’t just practical- they’re more affordable every day. Below are 3 major benefits of having a solar screen.

Heat Reduction

How do solar screens work, you might ask?

Exterior solar screens for windows keep hot air outside and cooler air inside. Solar screens come with a mesh made to block most of the sun’s UV rays before they can penetrate your window glass. You get consistent insulation anywhere a solar screen is installed.

Those blocked rays could otherwise cause fading and radiation damage to your household items. Protect paintings, textiles, and other treasures from the sun’s rays with solar screens.

Keeping heat out can help you save on energy costs over time. The less heat comes in, the less you need to crank the air to regain that ideal temperature.

Solar screens help you achieve a comfy, cozy interior climate. When relaxing, you can light the fireplace or candles without losing heat.

Solar screens are an inexpensive way to protect your home. You won’t need those messy plastic films in the wintertime!

Solar Screens Prevent Glares

Solar screens can minimize how much sunlight comes through your windows throughout the day.

In the summertime, many people look forward to having more daylight on their hands. When you’re binging your favorite show, though, you don’t want the sun’s glare to distract you from the action.

Reading also becomes easier without squinting through direct sunlight. Those working from home will appreciate the consistency of light when trying to focus on important projects.

Solar screens on east-facing or west-facing windows will block the most direct sunlight compared to those facing north or south.

An added bonus: you can choose between permanent and removable solar screens. During cooler months, removable screens can let more light into your home per your preference.

Versatile Installation Options

Solar screens come in a variety of materials. Choose from polyester or fiberglass. The unique coat and finish add durability to your window shade.

You can get fixed panels or a shade that rolls up and down. You might choose fixed panels for your main windows and roller shades for the patio or balcony.

Choose which color you want for that special touch. Match your solar screens to your exterior color scheme or select a bold color that stands out! If you don’t like the original color, swap it out!

Once installed, you will enjoy added privacy. From the outside, your screens will add an attractive look to your home. On the inside, you’ll be able to enjoy going about your day without worrying about prying eyes.

Solar Screens Protect Your Home

Sunair® has led the industry since 1978 in creating the highest quality, innovative and custom made retractable awnings and shade systems for homeowners. Our solar screens will wow you right from the start.

Contact us today for a free showing. Let us create an indoor atmosphere the whole family can enjoy!

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