Fire Pit Design Ideas That’ll Transform Your Outdoor Space

Nothing’s better on a summer night than roasting s’ mores beside your very own backyard fire pit. Still, creating your ideal outdoor space can seem daunting. That is, unless you have a clear vision of your ideal space beforehand.

If you’re ready to create the outdoor space of your dreams, here are several fire pit design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. U-Shaped Seating

It can be awkward when arranging from-form seats around a firepit. It always seems like someone is left out in the cold, literally. Luckily, the u-shape seating design eliminates this problem.

U-shaped seating allows room for guests to easily slip into their own comfortable seats around the fire pit. It also ensures that every person seated gets their fair share of warmth from the fire.

No more reaching over your neighbor to warm your hands or roast your hot dog.

U-shaped seating works well with fire pit design that enlists a rectangular fire pit as the centerpiece. A rectangular pit fits best within this shape of seating and gives even warmth to all surrounding it.

2. Sculpture Pit

You’ve probably seen these in fancy outdoor malls or intricately-designed ski resorts. Sculpture fire pits combine art with gasoline. The result: rad looking fire pits that not only look cool but function well.

Some manufacturers may let you design your own sculpture to ignite, while others offer plenty of interesting and beautiful choices pre-made to choose from.

Whatever you choose, guests will enjoy the warmth and aesthetic.

3. Recessed Fire Pit

Like a little privacy when you’re snuggled up around your outdoor fire pit? Not only do recessed fire pits make your backyard space somehow feel larger, but they also create a feeling of intimacy around the fire.

Even small yards can benefit from a multi-leveled or terraced space with a fire pit design in the center.

Plant some trees or even place some large planters around the edges and you’ve got your own private space for cozy nights and dreamy conversations.

4. Fire Wall

This fire pit design can be used in multiple ways. You can line your retaining wall with a built-in fire pit. This creates a magical look at night as a line of fire separates your backyard spaces.

Or, if you like to get up close to your fire, you can build your fire pit right into your stone or cement retaining wall. That way, you already have seating readily available and you can walk right up to the fire to warm up or cook.

Just be sure you and your guests are aware of proper fire and fireplace safety if access to your fire pit is easy.

The very phrase, “fire wall,” is exciting and can be taken just about any direction your imagination wants it to go.

More On Fire Pit Design

Fire pit design can be fun, and talking with a professional can help you better understand what possibilities are available. Fire tables are just another popular and stunning design to choose from.

Browse our site for more ideas on fire pit designs for your ideal space.

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