The perfect holiday spot: Decorating your mantel for the winter season

It’s that time of year again: holiday decorating. Your mantel is no exception; it’s the perfect spot to create a beautiful scene and bring the whole room together. We have some ideas for you to consider this year to add something new and joyous into this season.


Try white and silver

Gold is usually a holiday staple, but a big trend is the cool glimmer of white and silver. The key here is to make sure it is reflective and bright in order to use the natural light and candlelight to create warmth. Add a touch of color with evergreens, lamb’s ears, or bottlebrush trees, but keep the rest neutral. If you want more plants, add in a white flower such as white roses or snow-colored tulips. Accent with painted pine cones, snowflakes, and faux snow-topped items. Also consider a mirror or a framed quote in the center of the mantel to add dimension.


Consider transitional decorations

Do you really love to decorate your mantel but dislike how it’s only 30 days of Christmas and you will have to take it down or change it again? Consider decorating with transitional pieces from the get-go. Start with a base layer of greenery and lights. Also consider some wooden pieces, from dark woods to birch. From there you can add the Christmas-themed items such as candles, trees, Santas, religious items, and of course stockings. Then you can switch these out after the Christmas holiday. Still too much work? Consider using winter-neutral items such as silver or gold and add minimal red and green Christmas items. Or even just add stockings and keep everything else neutral, leaving you with only a small area to pack away.


Go charming

You don’t have to have kids to try cute mantel decorations, such as snowmen and funny tongue-in-cheek display items. Add vintage or homemade pieces from the kids or relatives to give it a warm, family feel. You can check out a local consignment shop for some great hand-me-downs. Add a chalkboard and list your favorite things about winter (snowflakes and hot cocoa, for example). Or simply print out the word “Brrr” in a fun font and frame it. It’s certainly the sentiment for months to come, so why not have a little fun with it?


Celebrating Hanukkah? 

Do you decorate for Hanukkah rather than Christmas? The mantel is still a great place to display your holiday spirit. Blue, silver, and gold are the staples for any Hanukkah mantel. Go simple with garland and candles that can be kept up all season. Consider adding holiday-specific items such as a menorah or dreidels. Make your own gelt garland with supplies from the dollar store. If you have a blended family, there are some beautiful pieces that combine both traditions.  

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