Mantels, hearths & accessories: customize your fireplace

You decided to build a fireplace or purchase a stove, or you recently purchased a house that included a fireplace or stove. Whether you use it to heat your home or really enjoy it for esthetic reasons, the fun part of this whole process is customizing your space. 

There are many areas where you can let your creativity flow, from the mantel and facings, to the padding, doors and screens, to even inside the hearth! You can have a traditional fireplace or stove, ones that are very modern in design, or even ones that seemingly disappear into the wall and no one realizes it is there until you turn it on! 


The Hearth

The first decision you need to make is what type of hearth you want. We have many options at AES Hearth and Patio; it’s in our name! Do you want a traditional fireplace built into the wall? You have a choice of wood, pellet, gas, or electric. Wood, pellet, and gas are vented outside the house to keep the air clean and safe indoors. If you have a traditional setup but would prefer gas or electric, these can be inserted in the existing space. Also, electric can be placed anywhere there is an outlet available, and can be ran on “flame only” without the heat to set a beautiful scene.

You also have the chance to design the firebox when you decide your hearth; that is, the space where the fire will burn. There are a few options available for firebox patterns that not only serve the purpose of building the fire but also are esthetically pleasing.

You don’t need a traditional fireplace setup to build a beautiful hearth; you can have a stove installed instead without losing the esthetic. From traditional to modern, these stoves offer warmth to any room. 


Mantels and Facings

Whereas the hearth is the space where the fire is created, the mantel and facing are what tie the room together. There are many options for this space, such as granite, marble, real stone, barn beams, and more. Would you want a traditional set-up with a mantel overhang, or would you rather the fireplace flush up against the wall? Will you be placing your television above it, or artwork, or nothing? Would you want to try a modern approach and have an asymmetrical design with the fireplace coming out of one side instead of in the middle of a wall? There are many options, color schemes, and materials you can choose from to really make this space yours.


Doors, Screens, and Accessories

To bring the space together, choose complementary hearth pads, and doors or screens. Hearth pads provide protection for flooring or walls from the intense heat from a stove, and come in stone, tile, and more. For added safety and security, choose a door or screen for your fireplace. There are many options available that won’t take away from your already beautiful design. 

Don’t forget about fireplace toolsets! You will need something to help keep the fireplace or stove running smoothly. These can come in matching finishes and styles, so your fireplace scene is one seamless design.

Whatever your heart’s desire, AES’s professionals are solution providers and will be with you each step of the way from custom project design to installation and service. As you work on your space, contact AES Hearth and Patio to make a consultation appointment if you live in Camp Hill, Carlisle & Central PA to get yours installed.

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