Outdoor Gas Heaters: Safe and Smokeless Fire Options

September—a world somewhere between “false fall” and “second summer” accompanied by the occasional tail end of a tropical storm. Whatever metamorphosis of elements this month offers, there’s one thing we are certain about—the outdoors is still a great place to be.

From your backyard to the cabin and beyond, upgrade your outdoor space with the comfort and warmth of our safe and smokeless outdoor heating options!

Fire Pits and Fire Tables

Bring warmth and relaxation outdoors with a smokeless fire pit or fire table. AES Hearth & Patio carries a variety of excellent brands including Cabana Coast.

A fire pit is a precast portable structure that holds materials for your fire. Outdoor gas fire pits can easily be moved for events or special occasions, making them a very convenient option for single homeowners or families of varying size. Create a seating area with concrete or stone for your fire pit, which comes in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your outdoor aesthetic.

A gas fire table offers an open flame through the use of a gas source that is located in the middle of a specially designed table. There are many options for the color and materials, and you can customize your outdoor gas fire table to your liking with stone, concrete, and added decorative and architectural features.

Outdoor gas fire pits and gas fire tables are easy to light and extinguish with a simple turn of a knob, as they are typically powered by a 20-pound propane tank (much like a gas grill). The propane tank is either hidden inside the fire pit or connected to a line separately.

Outdoor Fireplaces

For those looking for a more permanently fixed structure with traditional charm, an outdoor gas fireplace may be for you. Bring your living room outdoors, and enjoy its cozy comfort in minutes with a press of a button.

Outdoor gas fireplaces come in a variety of styles to fit your outdoor aesthetics and needs—from modern to rustic, with realistic logs and durable, weatherproof construction. Also, many outdoor models have ventless options and do not require a chimney, unlike a wood burning fireplace.

You don’t have to sacrifice safety or warmth with outdoor gas fire pits, gas fire tables, and outdoor gas fireplaces. Most gas fire pits range from 30,000 to 60,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units), and the higher the BTU, the more heat it will produce, with some going up to 100,000 BTUs.

Outdoor Heating with Bromic

Do you need something a little more portable for your outdoor space to keep warm on chilly nights? At AES Hearth & Patio, we offer Bromic heating solutions such as the Tungsten Smart-Heat portable gas heater, which produces efficient heat in a stylish, modular, and maneuverable design with a neutral black finish. Enjoy the added convenience of heat controls and security of a wind-resistant design.

Bromic also offers other gas options with ceiling- or wall-mounting capabilities that provide comforting and efficient heat distribution throughout your outdoor space.

Creating Warm Memories Through Every Season

To further explore your options and get a quote today for your outdoor gas heating needs, contact us online or visit us at one of our Central PA locations.

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