Cooking a Turkey for Thanksgiving: An Outdoor Grilling and Smoking Guide

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest dinners of the year. Lots of time, money, and energy are required in the process—so why not cut back the stress and make every single part of the meal on your grill or smoker?

That’s right, whether it’s the turkey, stuffing, or pie, AES Hearth & Patio is here to offer you  some great suggestions for smoked and grilled Thanksgiving recipes in one place so you can shorten planning time and get cooking!

Cooking outdoors creates a unique flavor you and your guests will love. And, it keeps the kitchen free to hang out and do smaller prep work. With multiple cooking areas in use, you can stagger a lot of the work so you aren’t rushed to do it all at once. Outdoor cooking can definitely bring down stress levels for big holiday dinners and help you enjoy the moment more.

A Smoking Main Course with the Big Green Egg

Smoked Turkey is the main star of an outdoor menu. It’s full of flavor, juicy, and tender. Once you’ve smoked a turkey, you’ll never go back to the oven again! For a larger crowd, getting a couple of smaller (12 to 14) pound turkeys is the way to go to avoid overcooking them. Or, if you’re planning a smaller crowd this year, grab a turkey breast instead of the full bird.

A Big Green Egg functions as a high-temp grill, versatile roaster, low and slow smoker, or outdoor oven for all your baking needs. It really is an all-in-one solution for Thanksgiving you won’t want to go without.

Firing Up the Side Dishes with Louisiana Grills

There is no Thanksgiving without some of our favorite sides. There’s so much more to a good holiday meal than just poultry. Check out these interesting twists on green bean casserole, traditional stuffing, and candied sweet potatoes. And you can grill them up on your Louisiana Grill.

Louisiana Pellet Grills are fueled with 100% all-natural wood pellets for the ultimate wood-fired flavor. You can choose from a combination of maple, hickory, and cherry. These pellets pair well with all proteins, vegetables, and baked goods, and create a uniquely delicious infusion.

Whipping Up Desserts with Napoleon Grills

Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without pumpkin and apple pies. It may seem excessive to include a dessert on such a day of so much food. But yes, we have some pie suggestions as well.

Your desserts will bake easily on a Napoleon grill that is fit for fast chefs who prefer gas or for charcoal enthusiasts. You’ll know it’s a Napoleon with the iconic WAVE™ cooking grids for those distinctive sear marks. You’ll find grilling, roasting, and smoking are a breeze. The hinged grids season like a cast iron frying pan, and make it easy to reload charcoal or add wood for smoking.

Family Gatherings Just Got Better!

AES is a family owned and operated business, so we know what holidays mean. Come in and take a look at our smokers, grills, and cookers at our showrooms in Newville or Camp Hill before the holidays! Or make an appointment online—we are here to help!

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