6 Benefits of a Remote Control Fireplace for Your Home

Having fire as a focal point in your space should be relaxing, fuss-free and a natural fit for your lifestyle.

With a gas fireplace, electric fireplace, or even fireplace insert you can enjoy the benefits of remote control features. Technology is a great thing!

Now you can create optimal comfort with ease and convenience at the touch of a button. Our models at AES offer user-friendly programmable controls that can be set, adjusted, and programmed for your fireplace.

With a remote control gas or electric fireplace, most families rest easier knowing there aren’t any leftover coals in their fireplace overnight. Plus, being able to regulate temperatures will help you save on heating costs during the colder months. Read further to explore some of the features and benefits of having a remote control fireplace in your home.

1. Turn Your Fireplace On and Off Remotely

Having a remote on/off function for your fireplace can be invaluable. With an on/off remote feature, you get reliable control in a compact design. You can enjoy the convenience of getting a fire started without even having to leave your sofa.

2. Set a Timer for Your Fireplace

In addition to on/off functionality, remote controls may provide an additional countdown timer function. This allows you to set your fireplace to run for a certain period of time before shutting down automatically. The timer function is easy to use and offers versatility in controlling your appliance, especially if you have the habit of accidentally leaving it on.

3. Keep it Cozy with Thermostat Controls

Similar to a timer, thermostat controls allow on/off control but with a thermostat function in place of a countdown timer. The thermostat control works just like a typical home thermostat but with a sensor specifically for the unit. This type of heat management allows you to control where you want the heat—and how much—to enjoy a beautiful fire throughout the year.

4. Set it and Forget it with Programmable Features

Programmable fireplaces with remotes offer a more feature-rich remote control unit for greater control over your fireplace. These remotes include a timer, thermostat, and on/off controls in addition to a programmable function. Therefore, those features operate automatically based on the temperature, time of day, or day of the week.

5. Keep it Simple with Wall-Mount Remotes

A wall switch has several benefits in addition to, and sometimes in place, of a hand-held remote control. Namely, you’ll never have to worry about losing a wall switch. We’ve all been the ones asking, “Has anyone seen the remote?” Basic on/off units, timer switches, and thermostatic control options are available for wall-mount remotes.

6. Download the App for Even More Control

The IntelliFire app that accompanies Heat & Glo Fireplaces lets you control your fire from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, so you walk into comfort at home. From there it responds to your voice to fit the way you live—even the sound of your voice with a smart speaker.

Need an expert recommendation?

Need some help finding the best remote control option for your fireplace? We can help. Feel free to stop by our showroom in Newville or Camp Hill, PA. At AES, you’ll find top brands like Heat & Glo, Ambiance, and Quadra-Fire! Our knowledgeable and caring team of experts offers an excellent, professional experience both within the home and the doors of our business. Or you can make an appointment online—we are here to help.

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