Now offering up to 6 months of interest-free financing

Now offering up to 6 months of interest-free financing




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There’s no other heat like coal heat! Coal heat has a long-lasting soothing warmth that other fuel sources just can’t match. Modern coal stoves are UL rated and burn hard anthracite coal much more cleanly than in the past. Coal is also possibly the most cost-effective fuel, and it has a higher BTU rate than wood, so you need less to meet the same heat demand.

AES Hearth & Patio carries a versatile line of high performance Legacy brand coal stoves designed to heat your home comfortably. Legacy coal stoves are known for their large fuel capacity, dependable heat output, and time-proven durability.

Our Stoves… AES firmly believes in enabling the customer to have the freedom to choose the right product that suits their needs at their particular stage of life. So whether it’s a wood pellet stove for a new starter home and young family beginning their journey – to a larger home and growing family that has the desire for an outdoor kitchen arrangement – or for those who just want to enjoy the comfort and simplicity of a gas stove in winter, then AES is your choice to trust at every stage.

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