The New SimpliFire™Electric Series

The New SimpliFire™Electric Fireplace

The new SimpliFire™ series  changes the way you look at electric fireplaces.  Pictured is the new linear wall mount unit. (It should be noted that they also have a line of cabinet units.)

This innovative unit has a sleek modern look with a broad, rectangular, glass frame.  With its’ multitude of lighting options this unit can be placed in almost any space as long as there is access to electricity.  The wall mount does not need vented and as such is 100% heat efficient.

The linear wall mount comes in two width (58″ and 36″), has two flame color options (orange or blue), and has two front options (black or white glass).  On top of that you can choose between 14 different colors (on the 58″ model) to get that perfect ambiance you’re looking for.  Remotes come standard on both models and allow the user to decide if they want heat and flame or just the flame.

Thanks to this unit’s innovative LED technology, while the flame is running the unit costs 1 to 3 cents per hour on average.  With flame and heat engaged this unit will use between 7 to 10 cents per hour on average.  With a BTU output of 4,800.

For more images and a video of this unit please refer to this link.

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