How to Choose the Right Type of Fireplace for Your Home

Wanting to make your house cozier and homier with the perfect fireplace, but your not sure what the best match is?

We’ve got you covered. Keep reading for a full guide on different options so that you can find the perfect fireplace for your home.

For the Modern and Contemporary Home

If your home has a more modern style, you’ll want a fireplace to match it. A fireplace doesn’t have to be all wood or stone, and if you’re into a minimal look, there are tons of great options for you.

Clean and simple options like our Heat & Glo COSMO series glass fireplace is a great option for a modern home. With clean metal lines, you can have the comfort of a fireplace without risking the ambiance. This easy to use fireplace also features LED lighting.

A wall-mounted style is another great option for a modern home. You can also go for an all-glass see-through option for a fireplace that makes your place look open and airy.

For the Traditional Home

If your home is more on the traditional side, and your looking for a fireplace that fits it but still makes a statement, you’ve come to the right place. Consider an option such as the Cerona Glass Fireplace.

We like that this fireplace has a traditional looking door front window, complete with trim detailing along the metal. The arch style of the door is timeless but still creates interest and pairs perfectly with brick or stone surroundings.

Make a statement in your home with a bold option such as the Rutherford Wood Fireplace. This fireplace, while large and eyecatching, is also quite simple in design, coming perfectly with large stone wall settings. We love this option for a mountain home that is traditional and tasteful.

For Outdoor Ambiance

If your searching for a fireplace for your outdoor area instead, we have plenty of great varieties to choose from.

To complete a modern home, we love the idea of doing a Plaza Linear glass fire pit. This look is sleek, simple, and modern, and doesn’t have to take up too much room. This makes it a great option for a seating area with long sleek couches or chairs.

If you hope to use your fireplace area as a place to gather around a television perfect for sports games and movie nights with friends, consider an outdoor fireplace option with a mantel. You can place the television above the mantel for a setting that is symmetrical and will keep you cozy during chilly weather.

Find the Perfect Fireplace for Your Home Today!

There are so many different options on our site so that you can be sure to find the perfect fireplace for your home. From modern and chic styles to rustic and traditional, there is something that will match every home style and aesthetic.

Contact us today for any questions you might have and to get an estimate from our experts!

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