Build the Outdoor Kitchen You Dreamed of with These Must-Have Accessories

Are you dreaming of the sweet, local strawberries that are almost ready to pick? Maybe you add them to a sangria to enjoy outdoors with your grilled burger or in delicious trifle for after dinner on the patio.

The summer weather is upon us, as the days have been sunny and temperatures are rising. You might have dragged out that old gas grill that’s in need of a deep clean or maybe a small tabletop charcoal version.

These are good standbys for some minor grilling, but how about building the outdoor kitchen you have always dreamed of? Now is the time to have AES Hearth & Patio help you install an upgrade with some of these must-have accessories.

Push-to-ignite buttons

Gone are the days of having to use a lighter to start your grill – and almost scorching your eyebrows off. The American Outdoor Grill company offers models with a push-to-light piezo ignition system or an electric push button ignition system.

No more fiddling with the propane or gas tank; just click and start warming up the grill for burgers, chicken, steak, and more.

Side burners

Eliminate the need to run back and forth from the house to the grill while making your sides. With side burners, you can boil water for potatoes, corn, and more right next to the grill. Enjoy slow sautéed onions for your burgers. Even start dessert on the outdoor grill, or warm up some fruit or cookies to add to ice cream. The sky is the limit with a double-burner, and is included in an island system with American Outdoor Grill.

Mini refrigerators

Just like with the side burners, eliminate the back-and-forth to the house with a small fridge added to your island system. Store heat-sensitive foods such as mayonnaise-based salads, dairy products, and desserts. You can make sure they are ready to take out as soon as the grilling is finished, and quickly put away to minimize spoilage.

With the hot summer days and nights just ahead of us, a small refrigerator would ensure a cool drink without the need for a cooler and a bag of ice. Pop open a beer on the patio after a long day, or have a cold bottle of water at the ready for after mowing the lawn.

Interior grill lights

Were you too busy tending to your garden or lawn, and now it’s getting too dark to grill? Not to worry! Many models include interior halogen lights, so grilling is a breeze at any time of day or night. With a quick push of a button, you can ensure your steak isn’t charred to a crisp and that the potatoes did, in fact, cook through.

Now is the time to thoroughly enjoy your outdoor space, whether it is a tranquil spot for after work, or a lively, welcoming area for family and friends (or maybe even both!)

Are you ready to add a kitchen to enhance your outdoor space? Contact AES Hearth & Patio if you live in Camp Hill, Carlisle & Central PA.

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