Need some shade? Consider an awning system!

Warmer temperatures and more sunlight entice people outdoors. As you spend more time on your deck or in your outdoor living space, you might have noticed feeling quite sun-scorched.

While pricing out choices for shade, one option to consider is installing an awning system. We have 5 benefits for an awning system to help you make a decision.

1. Protect your family & add more entertainment space

An awning can allow for more space for outdoor entertainment, ensuring your guests won’t have to worry about getting burned from the sun and wet from rainfall. If you are considering Sunair® products, which AES Hearth & Patio sells, the brand carries the prestigious Skin Cancer Foundation’s “Seal of Recommendation” on products utilizing Sunbrella® fabrics, which provides 99% UV protection from harmful rays.

2. Add value to your home

Putting an awning over your patio area creates more livable space without investing thousands into an addition. This adds equity to your home’s value, as well as attracts future buyers who will enjoy the cool oasis and extended outdoor entertainment space. This value is especially important to smaller houses, where square footage is a premium.

3. Reduce energy costs

One study conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota and funded by the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) revealed that awnings reduce the direct solar gain through windows. The study showed that awnings can reduce annual cooling energy by as much as 30 percent on unshaded windows in typically hot climates and as much as 50 percent in moderate climate areas compared to homes with completely unshaded windows.

When you add an awning, you can reduce heat gain inside by as much as 77%, and reduce sunlight and glare through your window by as much as 94%.

Awnings aren’t just for the summer. With a more permanent structure, it often can’t be compacted and will often block the winter sun as much as the summer sun. Retracting awnings during the winter allows the sun to assist in warming your home.

4. Control your patio space

With a retractable awning system, you don’t have to sacrifice your desires for more or less sunlight on a moment’s notice. You can have more sunlight on a gloomy day and less on an especially sunny day. As the sun sets and the night cools, you can retract your awning to enjoy the stars.

Also, unlike stationary awnings, there is no need for seasonal takedown and re-installation. The awning stays retracted on the wall, out of harm’s way, and it is practically maintenance-free.

5. Your local AES Hearth & Patio can help with installation

There is an awning system to fit your style and budget, and AES Hearth & Patio is here to help. With Sunair®, you have a choice of many models and hundreds of acrylic fabric colors.

Are you ready to enjoy your outdoor space? Contact AES Hearth & Patio if you live in Camp Hill, Carlisle & Central PA to add some shade to your deck area.

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