Chimney Cleaning: Is it time for us to have a look?

Whether it is the focal point of your living space or a modest room accent, a fireplace can be a beautiful addition to your home. However, without regular cleaning, fireplaces could pose a threat to your health and safety, which is why AES Hearth & Patio encourages consistent maintenance to keep them working properly and safely.

It is crucial to have your chimney inspected, no matter if you have a wood-burning or gas-burning fireplace or insert. Here are some facts about chimney repair and cleaning to determine if yours is in need of our expertise.

How to tell if your chimney needs to be cleaned

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, it is recommended that open masonry fireplaces should be swept at 1/8-inch of sooty buildup, and sooner if there is any glaze present in the system. “This is considered to be enough fuel buildup to cause a chimney fire capable of damaging the chimney or spreading to the home,” the institute says.

On the other hand, factory-built fireplaces should be swept when any appreciable buildup occurs.

However, if you have ever found yourself asking these questions, you might need an inspection and cleaning:

  • Is my chimney safe?
  • Why does my chimney stink?
  • Is that water in my chimney?
  • Why are vines growing in my chimney?
  • Is my chimney ready for winter?
  • Why is my house getting smokey when I try to use my fireplace?

Buildup and damage are often hard to see from the exterior, but with AES’s expert chimney inspections, we can view and report on the interior quality of your chimney.

How often should a chimney be cleaned?

It is recommended that you have your chimney inspected and cleaned once a year. A clean chimney preserves your home’s air quality and reduces the potential risk for fires.

It is strongly encouraged to schedule routine maintenance in the spring and summer months while your chimney is not in use — especially because the backlog for routine maintenance services can be up to eight weeks during the winter months. By planning ahead, your chimney will be in great shape right as the weather gets chilly enough to turn on the heat, and you won’t have to wait to keep your home and family safe.

Get on our annual, routine calendar to ensure you are consistently keeping up with your chimney. If you haven’t had a cleaning in several years, call AES Hearth & Patio to get your inspection and cleaning ASAP.

What’s included?

For new customers, AES performs a Level 2 inspection to determine the condition of the chimney. Our Certified Chimney Professionals use a video scanner, examining internal joints for voids or cracks. This inspection provides an in-depth analysis of the condition of the chimney, which may reveal hidden hazards, making the chimney unsafe to use. We provide images from inside your chimney so you have a tangible view of our recommendations.

Once all repairs, if needed, are made, we clean your chimney year after year. Your yearly appointment also includes a Level 1 visual inspection as a part of that service.

What’s next?

It’s summer! Give us a call NOW if you live in Central PA to schedule an inspection and cleaning. Learn more online on our website. We are ready to get your chimney in top shape!

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