Electric Fireplaces: What We Offer and Why It’s Popular

Many of us switch to “fall mode” once the calendar flips over from August to September. We grab a hot cup of tea, a blanket, a good book, and pretend it’s a crisp autumn morning—even if it’s 85 degrees outside!

As those colder days sneak in, consider an economical electric fireplace to complete the ambiance of your morning or evening relaxation!

Pros of Electric Fireplaces

There are many pros to installing an electric fireplace:

  • Electric heat has a 95% to 100% efficiency rate.
  • Most models are relatively inexpensive to purchase and install (especially from AES)!
  • Most people already have electricity in their home (for obvious reasons such as lighting and operating devices) so no running extra lines.
  • The eye-catching flame and smoke effects give a realistic feel without the safety concerns, and fumes won’t be released into your home.
  • They are low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Some options include a “flame only” setting, so you get the ambiance without the heat!

Cons of Electric Fireplaces

Some potential drawbacks to consider before making your purchase:

  • Depending on the eye of the beholder, the “flame” may look artificial.
  • There is no smell of burning wood—if that is what you enjoy.
  • There is no crackling of the wood (though you can buy models or accessories with noise controls.)
  • They are not usable during a power outage (unless you have a backup generator).
  • Some assembly may be required, but that is why our team at AES Hearth & Patio is here to help!

Electric Fireplace Brands at AES

We have many brands to consider when choosing an electric fireplace. We have at least three model types from which to choose: fireplace insert, freestanding, and wall-mounted. These come in three types of heating options: forced fan, infrared, and ceramic. Let’s explore a few brands and what they offer.


Simplifire has fireplace inserts, freestanding, and wall-mounted options. This brand has many contemporary models that fit the sleek and stylish design of the 21st century. Some models have multiple ember bed color choices, as well as flame colors. They also come with adjustable heat control, and you can safely place a TV or artwork directly above the fireplace.


Amantii offers beautiful electric fireplaces for even the trickiest spots! With a “gradient” flame and a realistic coal bed effect, you can enjoy this fireplace with or without the heat, and controls are just at your fingertips. Amantii offers fireplace inserts, freestanding, and wall-mounted options. It also has beautiful cast-iron options for an old-world feel.


Dimplex is known for luxury, as well as versatility. Dimplex has unique free-standing options such as TV units and mantels. As far as fireplace inserts, they have electric log fireboxes and plug-in log sets that make any old fireplace come to life again. Dimplex also has wall-mounted options for those with limited space.

Add an Electric Fireplace Before Fall Sets Roots

To further explore your options and get a quote today for your electric fireplace installation, contact us online or visit AES Hearth and Patio at our Camp Hill, PA or *Newville, PA showrooms.

*Our Newville, PA showroom is currently closed for renovations. Join us on Saturday, September 11, 2021 for our Grand Re-Opening Celebration! Click here to RSVP or learn more!

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