Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits: A Brand Highlight

Enjoy the coziness of autumn around a fire with friends and family—without the classic hassle of smoke! Make this season the one where you introduce the Breeo smokeless fire pit to your outdoor space.

How does it work?

Almost a decade ago, the founders of Breeo invented the smokeless fire pit right in the heart of Southcentral PA. The idea behind the product was to increase airflow and allow more oxygen into the fire pit to burn off the smoke before it leaves.

The key to this is secondary combustion. As hot air flows upward through its patented X Airflow and double-wall technology, it exits through the holes in the rim. This pressurized, heated oxygen then mixes with the smoke and burns it off, providing a smokeless fire experience.

To build a great fire, you need quality fuel, sufficient heat, and oxygen all in balance. Though it is not completely smoke-free, and there is some finetuning when setting up your fire, the Breeo models provide plenty of oxygen to greatly decrease the output of smoke so you can enjoy the fruit of your fire-building labor.

Cookout, campfire…the options are endless!

Co-founders Jonathan and Janessa took the original Breeo smokeless fire pit on the road with them across the U.S., cooking all their meals on it and enjoying the fire nightly.

This amazing experience can be incorporated at your next backyard cookout or at your camping site.

You can customize your size and accessories, so it can travel with you on your next adventure or be a permanent fixture in your outdoor living space.

X Series vs. Luxeve

The X Series models were born out of the original, to be a portable, versatile smokeless fire pit. This series comes in three sizes: the X19, the X24, and the X30. It comes standard with the highly durable corten steel, which develops a natural patina and provides a beautiful rustic aesthetic, as well as the standard rim that does not allow for outdoor cooking on the rim. You can upgrade to stainless steel for the sleek aesthetic and the SearPlate, which allows you to sear food right on the rim of your fire pit.

The X Series also has several accessories: the Outpost grill, a kettle hook and kettle, fire pit lids, spark screens, covers, and rings to allow you to slide it right into your patio fire pit masonry.

The Luxeve models are for a sophisticated showpiece for your backyard that is still fully functional and smokeless. This modern fire pit is customizable of both the fire pit color (white, rust, bronze, and silver) and the glass pebbles around the rim (black, blue, amber brown, clear, and gray). It also includes the Breeo X Airflow system for optimal oxygen for a wood-burning, smokeless experience.

Go smokeless at AES Hearth & Patio

To further explore your options and get a quote for the Breeo smokeless fire pit and fire pit masonry, contact us online or visit AES Hearth & Patio at one of our Camp Hill, PA or Newville, PA locations today!

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