Creating Warm Memories with Modern Fireplace Accessories and Design

Feeling that cold chill recently? Now is the time to turn on the heat and get cozy in front of the fireplace.

Maybe you recently bought a house with a functional fireplace that looks less than beautiful. Maybe you installed one years ago, but it’s ready for a facelift to make it shine once again. If you have an ugly fireplace, we can make it beautiful without breaking the bank by using less costly options compared to a full remodel.

New mantels

Deciding if you want a mantel is the perfect place to start. There are many options for mantels, some with just a floating shelf in a variety of materials, some with a traditional full mantel, and some with a post-and-beam mantel.

Floating mantels can be metal, wood, or a combination, from manufacturers such as Stoll Industries. Stoll also offers full mantels and post-and-beam. Fireside also offers wonderful wooden options for reasonable prices.

Fireplace insert surrounds

Whether or not you want a mantel, you will definitely want to update the surrounding area of your fireplace or insert. While a traditional mantel offers the surrounds with it, a standalone floating mantel does not. If you are skipping the mantel altogether, you will need an insert surround. There are many styles to choose, from old world and blacksmith to modern and sleek. Materials can include granite, marble, or transitional for a wooden appeal. Once again, Stoll Industries and Fireside have the best options no matter if you have a small or large budget for this project.

Are you thinking outside the box for this project? Realstone Systems have unique options, such as ceramic or porcelain tiles, mosaics, tempered tile, and even leather tile! Realstone also offers wooden and stone panels, as well as natural stone tiles.

Stone veneer

Do you want to bring the outdoors inside with a stone fireplace, but don’t have the budget for such an overhaul? Try stone veneer! This is a thin layer of any stone used as decorative facing material that is not meant to be load-bearing and is often manufactured. It gives the beautiful appearance of full-sized stones without the hassle of dismantling what you already have in place as far as structure. Eldorado Stone has so many options in stone and brick that look natural and authentic—your inspiration is endless!

Noncombustible products

Depending on the design of your room with a fireplace, you might want to place your television over it. How will you use your fireplace without harming your television? The solutions are either “mantel clearance” (the distance from the heat source) or there are MagraHearth‘s non-combustible products. The stone, wood, and post-and-beam options allow electronics and artwork to be placed lower and closer to a fireplace so you truly have creative freedom in that area of your house. They are hand-crafted to replicate the beauty of age-old wood and stone with many details and colors to choose from.

Call us today to upgrade!

Interested in updating your fireplace surface for a cozy winter? To further explore your options and set up your beautiful renovation, contact us online or visit AES Hearth & Patio at our Newville, PA or Camp Hill, PA location!

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