3 Ways to Improve Your Home Interior With Modern Fireplace Design

The weather outside has been frightful, and the heat from your fireplace has been all the more delightful. That’s probably how you’ve been feeling if you are among the millions of fireplace owners in the United States.

There’s something very special about having a fireplace. The heating they provide during these cold months is wonderful, but there’s something about what they add to a home’s interior design that only makes them more wonderful. Of course, that all depends on the fireplace design.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a modern fireplace design, read on.

Unique Fireplace Trends

Whether it’s fashion or interior design, different trends often become a factor in evaluating aesthetic beauty related to design. And there are various trends that exist regarding fireplace design.

The vintage rustic stone look remains a popular trend for fireplaces. However, using materials such as emerald or marble is also becoming more popular.

Location-based trends are also garnering interest. One could decide to add a fireplace to a kitchen to boost the mood while preparing dinner. Having a fireplace by a hot tub is also a lovely way to promote a relaxing atmosphere.

Customize With Mantels And Hearths

The mantel and the hearth are the biggest visual appeals for a fireplace. They can be designed in several different ways depending on your preferences.

Among your options for the hearth include wood, pellet, and gas. Aside from visual appeal, these hearths are often designed to be vented outside the house, making them great eco-friendly heating solutions.

You’ll also want to have a good mantel design, as the mantel is what ties the fireplace to the room that surrounds it. Along with deciding the material for the mantel, you’ll want to decide what to put on it. Flowers, pictures, ceramics, etc., are popular choices for decorating your mantel space.


While it may not be top of mind, there are a variety of doors to choose from in fireplace design. In addition to their practical use, doors add a lovely touch to the visuals of a room and offer an opportunity to express your unique style.

You can also buy accessories and toolsets that have their own visual appeal. Better yet, our team is here to ensure these products’ colors and designs are consistent with the design of the hearth and mantel.

More On Fireplace Design

These features often play the biggest role in fireplace design. You want to make sure the design matches the feel of the room to make it appealing. Thankfully, it can be done, and your beautiful fireplace can serve as both a heating system and a visual standout in your home.

AES Hearth & Patio is committed to adding to your interior design’s visual appeal with beautiful fireplaces. Visit or contact us to learn more about fireplace design or plan a visit to our showroom for more inspiration.

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