How to Store Wood Pellets: Preserving and Protecting Your Fuel

There is no time like the present to consider eco-friendly wood pellets as a fuel source for your home’s heating needs. Made of compressed sawdust and organic material, wood fuel pellets can also be used in barbeque smokers. If you already have a wood pellet stove or smoker we’ll give you our best tips on how to store wood pellets. If you’re new to alternative fuel sources we’ll bring you up to speed.

Why Are Wood Pellets a Great Fuel Option?

In case you missed our post on eco-friendly fuel sources for your home, let’s hit the highlights on why renewable wood pellets are an option you should take a look at.

  1. Pellet stoves have the lowest emission of any fossil fuels.
  2. A biomass stove tax credit means you may be eligible for a credit on the purchase or installation of a qualifying stove through December 31, 2023.
  3. Wood pellets are easily and cleanly stored in bags.

Getting the Best Price on Wood Pellets

A 40-pound bag of recycled pellet fuel will burn for about 24 hours. Depending on how often you heat your home with your pellet stove it may make sense to buy several bags of pellets. AES sells a variety of wood pellet brands by the bag and by the ton. Please check our website for more information on wood pellet fuel choices.

That said, make sure you protect your pellets so that they are in the optimal condition when you go to use them.

How to Store Wood Pellets: Preserving Your Purchase

Because pellet fuel is made of wood it can degrade and rot. If it’s not stored properly, wood pellets can absorb moisture and become soft.

Here are our top tips for preserving your wood pellets:

  1. Transfer the pellets to a large airtight container. You can use a multi-gallon plastic storage container or purchase a dispenser specifically designed for pellet storage. There are some options with mesh liners that separate out the dust.
  2. Identify a dry area where the pellet container is shielded from the elements. This may be a garage, pantry, shed, or cabinet. (Damp basements are a bad idea.) Because the pellets are flammable, make sure they are stored away from grills, fire pits, or other fire sources.
  3. If the container will be on the ground, consider a pallet for your pellets to avoid water damage from rains or flooding.
  4. Do not mix fresh pellets with older ones, and label the container with the purchase date.

Where to Buy Wood Pellets

Don’t wait until the first cold snap sneaks up on you to top off your wood pellet supply. At AES Hearth & Patio, we have expertise in home heating, grills, and alternative energy sources and carry several brands of wood pellets. We also offer delivery and a better price guarantee. If within 30 days of purchase, you find the identical new or special-order product at a lower price from a local authorized dealer within 30 miles of our showrooms, just bring or mail us proof of the lower price, and we’ll refund the difference!

If you need to purchase wood pellets or any other product for your hearth and patio needs we hope you’ll stop by our showroom or shop at our online store.

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