Built-In Grills: The Heart of Your Outdoor Kitchen

Grilling is a complete sensory cooking experience. The sound of the sizzle as you flip your steak. The look of the perfect sear and smoke rising when you open the lid. The flavorful aroma wafting from the neighbor’s yard.

From pellet to propane or free-standing to built-in grills, there are a variety of ways to “get your grill on.” However, there is only one grill that you can create a custom kitchen around. Let’s break down why built-in outdoor grills could be a game-changer for your grilling game.

The Built-In BBQ Grill: A Centerpiece for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Why just grill when you can gather? A freestanding grill can cook a great meal, but one drawback is that you’re usually still making trips in and out of your house to access your kitchen.

However, a built-in grill as part of an outdoor kitchen means you have everything you need at your fingertips, from setup to cleanup in one space. Cooking outside has never been easier with a countertop to marinate meats, burners to cook side dishes, a fridge to store beverages, and a sink to wash utensils.

And a built-in grill or smoker is the focal point of any outdoor kitchen.

Two Built-In Gas Grills: Endless Possibilities

Grilling and smoking experts, AES Hearth & Patio, proudly carry two premium grill lines that can be built into your custom outdoor kitchen.

1. American Outdoor Grills (AOG)

These beautiful stainless steel outdoor grills are available in three sizes: 24”, 30”, and 36” so you can choose the right-sized cooking surface for your outdoor grill station. American-made AOG grills are versatile, allowing for both high-temperature searing and the option of adding a rotisserie system. With easy cleanup in mind, these grills are designed to guide grease into the drip pan.

The “L” Series features halogen lights for grilling after dark and an electronic ignition switch which will require 120 Volt AC power.

The “T” Series, on the other hand, offers a push-button ignition that doesn’t require electricity or batteries.

Boasting a 15-year warranty, these American-made natural gas or propane-powered grills are reliable and come at an affordable price point.

2. Fire Magic Grills

For a grill packed with features that your guests will be talking about long after the party, look no further than Fire Magic. Their series of built-in grills include a mix of charcoal, gas, and hybrid fuel options in a range of prices from the budget-friendly choice to the higher-end Aurora and Echelon models. Some of the available features to elevate your experience include:

  • 12V interior halogen lights
  • Digital thermometers with meat probe
  • “Magic View” window, which allows you to monitor what you’re cooking without losing heat from opening the hood
  • Blue back-lit knobs

Whether you’re grilling for a few or a crew, Fire Magic has the right option, with grills that range from 16” to 48.”

The Big Green Egg as a Built-In Grill

Do you love the flavor that comes with grilling or smoking in a stand-alone kamado-style cooker like the Big Green Egg? Did you know that you can integrate this popular grill into your outdoor kitchen design? AES Hearth & Patio can build a space for your Big Green Egg to sit so you can still enjoy all of the built-in conveniences without swapping out your favorite grill.

Bring Your Built-In Grill Ideas to Life

From design to installation to service, AES Hearth & Patio can help make your outdoor living space dreams a reality. Schedule a free consultation where we can personalize a grilling and gathering experience that’s perfect for your family.

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