Eco-Friendly Heating Ideas to Keep Your Family Warm All Season Long

There are numerous options for warming your home over the colder months. One of the easiest ways is to set your thermostat and go. But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s the only way. Or the best way. It may be time to consider the benefits of an eco-friendly heating solution like a pellet or wood stove.

And with a 26% biomass fuel tax credit for qualifying units installed before December 31, 2022, there’s no time like the present to have one installed.

Traditional Heat Sources Can Waste Energy and Money

Go-to heating sources like gas or electric heat, and even fireplaces, have their drawbacks.

This summer, natural gas prices soared to a 14-year high and are expected to stay up as inventories are down and demand continues. This will likely impact home heating bills for many Americans.

The good news is that eco-friendly heating options can supplement your home heating sources that are not only kind to the environment but can save you money and add some ambiance.

Energy-Efficient Wood-Burning Stoves

When it comes to the “cozy factor,” traditional fireplaces are hard to beat. However, they’re not an efficient heating source. If you love the idea of burning logs to heat your home, an efficient wood-burning stove is a great alternative.

Perks of wood-burning stoves:

At AES Hearth & Patio, we carry dozens of stylish wood-burning stoves to keep you warm all winter long, including ones that qualify for a 26% tax credit if purchased by the end of the year.

Turn Up the Heat with a Pellet Wood Stove or Insert

Fueled by pellets made of recycled sawdust and wood shavings, freestanding wood pellet stoves operate with electricity. Pellets are poured into a hopper, then delivered by an auger to a burn chamber as needed to maintain a small fire.

According to the EPA, “pellet stoves are the cleanest solid fuel, residential heating appliance,” and certified models are likely to be in the 70% to 83% efficiency range.

Other benefits of pellet stoves include:

  • Wood pellets are cleanly stored in bags
  • Easy to operate and usually only require refueling just once a day
  • Don’t require a flue; therefore easier to install than a fireplace or wood stove
  • A cost-effective source of supplementary source of radiant heat
  • Renewable fuel source

Already have a fireplace? You can get all of the advantages of pellet heating by using an insert to convert your existing masonry fireplace to a clean, fuel-efficient pellet stove. AES Hearth & Patio not only sells pellet inserts, but our experts handle the entire installation.

Your Source For Eco-Friendly Heating Solutions

At AES Hearth & Patio, we offer home-heating solutions that check all of your boxes. Our showrooms boast a range of options that are affordable, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and stylish. Come by our showrooms in Newville or Camp Hill, or make an appointment online to discuss your home heating needs.

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