What is Zone Heating? 3 Keys to Getting Cozy and Staying Warm

The coldest months of winter from December to March bring shorter days, longer nights, and freezing temperatures. Many who have HVAC systems that cool their home evenly and effectively during the warm summer months find it may not be the best solution for colder weather.

In this article, we’ll discuss what zone heating is, the benefits it provides, and how you can get started with zone heating in your own home with a variety of products and solutions from AES Hearth & Patio. 

1. What is Zone Heating?

Zone heating refers to a home heating system where different areas or rooms of a home are heated independently, as opposed to one central heating system. This allows you to control the temperature in different areas of your home, rather than having one temperature for the entire space.

Each zone can be heated to a different temperature, allowing homeowners to customize the temperature in their rooms.

For instance, you may want to keep your family room warmer while leaving your bedrooms at a cooler temperature. Or, you may want to simply keep your central  thermostat set to a cooler temperature while heating only the space where you are spending most of your time.

2. Benefits of Zone Heating

Zone heating is an effective way to save energy and money while keeping your home comfortable. It allows you to heat only the rooms that you and your family are using at any given time, rather than heating your entire house all at once.

By using zone heating, you can reduce your overall energy consumption, save money on your heating bill, and keep your home comfortable. Additionally, zone heating can be an important part of a green home, as it is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Easy Zone Heating Options

The right type of heat you need for each space in your home is determined, for the most part, by the size of the room and how much time you spend there.

  • Larger Spaces
    Larger Spaces, such as a family room, where you may spend many evening hours, could be effectively warmed with a wood, pellet, or gas fireplace insert or stove that puts off more heat. At AES, you can explore brands like Supreme, Simplifire, Quadrafire, and Harman.
  • Smaller Spaces 
    On the other hand, if you work from home or have a smaller office space, you don’t have to let the cold deter your concentration. A portable or electric heater can fit into even the smallest spaces.
  • Transitional Spaces
    For spaces with larger windows or tiled floors such as bathrooms, enclosed patios, and sunrooms, you may want to consider an electric fireplace to give the space added warmth in the colder months, while adding to the ambiance of the room.

Custom Solutions for Cold Weather

Zone heating is an effective way to heat your home this winter without driving up your energy bill, and at AES we have a wide variety of products to fit your needs. Get a free estimate online or stop by our showrooms in Newville or Camp Hill, PA where you can explore top brands for your home!

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