Savor the Flavor: 5 Courses With Your Big Green Egg and Louisiana Smoker

Can you picture the irresistible aroma of smoky, mouthwatering dishes that not only tantalize your taste buds but also elevate your love for food? If you’re ready to embark on an epic culinary journey, one that involves crafting a five-course masterpiece using a smoker like the exceptional ones available at AES Hearth & Patio, then welcome to a world of flavor unlike any other.

Appetizers on Your Louisiana Smoker

You can deepen the flavor of your favorite appetizers and reveal complex and exciting flavors with a Louisiana Smoker.

Start off your five-course meal with some of our favorite smoked appetizers:

  • Smoked jalapeño poppers for the perfect balance of heat and flavor
  • Smoked cheese to add a smoky, rich undertone to your favorite cheese types
  • Smoked shrimp cocktail to enhance the shrimp’s sweetness and add new depth to a classic appetizer
  • Smoked brisket nachos for a snack that’s smoky, savory, and perfect for sharing

Salads With Your Big Green Egg Smoker

No multi-course meal is complete without the salad course! You can smoke chicken and toss it into a classic Caesar salad—or switch your chicken out to toss some smoked salmon in the mix! You can also mix things up and try a tasty smoked, bacon-wrapped asparagus salad to elevate your experience.

Not sure where to start with a smoked salad course? Use products like the Big Green Egg Smoker to make some of our favorite dishes, such as this mouthwatering smoked curried chicken salad.

Main Course Made Delectable

There are many main course dishes to prepare on a smoker! Some of our favorite dishes include a delicious smoked brisket like this classic Austin-style or Texas-style smoked beef brisket.

More into seafood or pork? There’s no shortage of smoked main courses in this realm, either. Try smoked salmon, pork ribs, or a masterful maple-smoked pork loin.

The right smoker can achieve tender, flavorful results, but knowing how to cook dishes in your smoker is another part of a flawless five-course meal. When using your smoker, try enhancing your abilities by using a reliable thermometer to monitor internal temperature, using a water pan in your smoker to regulate the humidity and temperature, and letting your smoked meats rest before slicing so the flavor and juices can distribute evenly.

Smokey Sides

Your sides need to accompany your main dish for the ultimate tasting experience. Smoky sides help create a well-balanced meal, providing a variety of flavors, textures, and new tasting experiences to complement the smokiness of your main dish.

Consider a fun smoked mac and cheese, flavorful smoked corn on the cob, or tasty smoked sweet potato fries for a complete meal that will satisfy you and your guests.

Delicious Dessert

Your main dish might be filling, but there’s always room for dessert—and with the right recipes and techniques, you can even smoke your sweet treat! You’ll have many options for smoked desserts, like tasty smoked apples, chocolate chip cookies, or a delightful smoked cheesecake. Smoked dessert is a wonderful surprise to top off your tasting journey and leave your guests happy with the experience!

The Best Smoker Equipment With AES Hearth & Patio

From appetizers to dinner and desserts, there’s no shortage of recipes you can create with a smoker. AES Hearth & Patio can help you take your tasting experience to the next level by providing top-of-the-line smokers, accessories, and equipment. Shop AES Hearth & Patio today to kick off your culinary journey.

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