Creating a Hardscape Haven with a Built-in Outdoor Kitchen

Built-in outdoor kitchens give you the best of both worlds! Enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals surrounded by the beauty of nature. The American Institute of Architects consistently names outdoor kitchens as a trend among residential homes, and it can be a major boost to property value for those who intend to sell in the future.

Let AES Hearth & Patio help you design a hardscape haven coupled with a built-in outdoor kitchen that elevates your backyard to an oasis. By bringing greater comfort and convenience into your landscape, you can spend more time immersed in nature and gathering with loved ones.

Benefits of Having a Built-in Outdoor Kitchen

There are several reasons why installing a built-in outdoor kitchen is a great idea:

Enhanced Home Value: Outdoor kitchens can increase your property value and appeal by creating an outdoor living environment people love to be in.
Entertainment Central: You can enhance the social aspect of your home with an outdoor kitchen that encourages more social gatherings, especially outdoors when the weather is nice.
Culinary Expansion: Outdoor kitchens open the doorway to exciting new cooking opportunities, such as grilling, smoking, and wood-fired pizzas.
Outdoor Enjoyment: Spending more time outdoors is linked with physical and mental health benefits, including reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and a more positive attitude.

Popular Appliances for Built-In Outdoor Kitchen Construction

How do you construct a built-in outdoor kitchen? Start with the basics: a grill and refrigerator. From there, you can expand and consider added bonuses such as a pizza oven, smoker, wine cooler, and more. The sky’s the limit, but you should always research brands and ensure you buy from the most reputable, respected companies on the market.


Grills are the heart of the outdoor kitchen. Top-of-the-line grills like Louisiana Grills offer a wide range of features and versatility for every type of cook. The Estate Series in particular is well-known for its diverse range of applications and suite of features that transform the grilling experience.

Refrigerators and Storage

Outdoor refrigeration and storage are also important. You need reliable refrigeration systems that can withstand hot and cold temperatures and provide consistent cooling whenever you need it. Top options include Napoleon Grills outdoor kitchen series carried by AES Hearth & Patio.

Specialty Appliances

When customizing your outdoor kitchen, consider speciality appliances like pizza ovens, smokers, and burners. Pizza ovens allow you to whip up homemade pizzas in a professional-style oven. Smokers and burners offer new ways to prepare meats, seafood, and even vegetables. Not only do they produce wonderful results, but they also produce incredible aromas that truly enhance the outdoor cooking experience and ambience of your kitchen.

Don’t Overlook Durability and Warranty

Choosing high-quality brands with a long-standing reputation is important. Napoleon and Louisiana Grills are well known for the outstanding quality of their materials, expert construction, and comprehensive warranties that protect your investment.

Design Tips for Your Built-in Outdoor Kitchen

AES Hearth & Patio offers personalized design solutions to help you transform any outdoor space into a true oasis. We can adapt our designs to fit any yard size or shape, ensuring that you can enjoy the beauty of outdoor living without compromising on comfort or style.

Our end-to-end design process handles every facet of your backyard transformation. In addition to helping design your built-in outdoor kitchen, we consider the entire hardscape, such as the patio, deck, and walkways. Our team offers free estimates to help you compare costs and find the best deal for your budget. Call us at 717-486-7690 or reach out online to start your consultation with an AES Hearth & Patio expert.

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