Extend Your Outdoor Fall Entertaining with a Portable Patio Heater

Everyone’s favorite part of summer is gathering with family and friends to socialize and have fun. And what better place to do that than on your patio?

The fun of outdoor entertainment doesn’t need to end when Autumn rolls around—so long as you’re prepared. By using a portable patio heater, you can enjoy the crisp autumn air whenever you like without having to worry about the temperatures.

Infrared for Fall Outdoor Entertainment

Fall gatherings are beloved for the captivating autumn foliage and the comfortable weather. The cozy atmosphere, enhanced by warm clothing and blankets, fosters meaningful conversations around fire pits. Seasonal culinary delights like pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider add a distinct flavor to the season.

As the air becomes crisper, we focus on ensuring the comfort of our friends, families, and guests. Adequate heating sources such as Infrared heaters by Innova produce a clean, safe ray of light that only affects the objects, warming it and not the air around it.

This creates an instant sensation of feeling warmth. Heat produced by infrared is evenly distributed, without interference from surrounding elements such as drafty or windy conditions.

Introducing Portable Patio Heaters

Portable patio heaters by Bromic are outdoor heating devices designed to provide warmth and comfort in cool weather conditions and in any location.

These heaters work using propane gas or electricity as a fuel source to generate heat. Propane heaters have a built-in propane tank or can be connected to an external propane supply. The propane is ignited, and the flame heats a metal or ceramic element, causing warmth to radiate outward.

Electric patio heaters use electricity to heat a coil or element, then emit heat through infrared radiation. Portable patio heaters are also highly mobile and require no installation. Whether you’re reconfiguring your outdoor seating arrangement or want to bring the heater to different locations, their mobility offers flexibility and adapts to changing needs.

Types of Portable Patio Heaters

Portable patio heaters come in two main types: propane gas and electric heaters. Propane gas heaters produce a real flame that radiates heat, creating a cozy ambiance. They are highly portable and suitable for larger outdoor spaces due to their higher heat output. However, they require a propane tank, which adds to the setup and maintenance costs.

Electric heaters, on the other hand, use infrared technology to directly warm people and objects. They are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, with no open flames. Electric heaters are better suited for smaller areas and are easy to operate.

When choosing the right type of heater, consider factors like the heating capacity needed for your space, safety features such as tip-over protection and weather resistance, and your budget for initial costs and ongoing energy expenses. Balancing these considerations will ensure you select a portable patio heater that suits your space and preferences.

Stay Cozy this Fall

When combined with a cozy seating area, aesthetic lighting, and fall-themed decor, portable patio heaters can be the perfect solution for your fall outdoor gatherings. By getting the right portable patio heater, you can embrace the beauty of the fall season and create even more memorable moments with your friends and family.

Shop at AES by stopping by one of our showrooms in Newville or Camp Hill, PA where you’ll find top brands. We are here to help take care of all your outdoor heating needs!

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