Energex Pellets Bulk

Energex Pellets Bulk


Bulk Early Pellet Buy Program now available!

Delivery available within a 40-mile radius for an extra charge. Please call 717-761-1617 to schedule your pick-up or inquire about and pay for the delivery fee based on tons ordered and mileage from one of our stores.


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Loose pellets by the ton in bulk.  Orders must be at least 1 ton with a 6 ton maximum for delivery. Now available for pick up or delivery.

Ready to go bulk? Customers who buy their Energex wood pellets in bulk enjoy:

  • Lower prices: Wood pellets are already affordable when bought as individual bags. Bulk purchases let you buy them for an even lower price!
  • Convenience: Are you tired of lugging around and disposing of pellet bags every year? Experience the convenience of bulk pellet delivery that are placed where you want them!
  • Preparedness: Not everyone has the time, energy or ability to regularly buy wood pellet bags all winter. Order a bulk delivery to get the entire season’s fuel at once. As a result, you’ll have the peace of mind that your winter heating is covered this year.
  • Simplicity:  No need for individual bags — just the amount you ask for.
  • Sustainability: Imagine how many bags you throw out every year when you buy them individually. Our direct transportation doesn’t require extra packaging.
  • Accessibility: Large quantities of wood pellets are heavy, making transport difficult for folks without the strength to carry them. Since we deliver your pellets right to storage, you’ll only need to worry about the amount that goes into your stove at one time.

Please Note: There is an additional delivery fee that will be billed separately from your order.  Please call 717-761-1617 to inquire about delivery after your order. *Bulk not available for pickup.


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